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​How Do Get More Information?


Please sign up as a member of this website. On approval, you will receive notification of membership via an email from our sales office. Once you have received this confirmation e-mail you will be able to log in and access information on various technical aspects and advantages of the T7-CLC6x6 and its capabilities under the documents tab of the membership drop-down menu.


How Do I Get Options and Pricing?


If you are interested in obtaining pricing on available options after reviewing the available documentation please simply respond the email you received and one of our business development managers will contact you directly. Alternatively, you can call the sales office on the details provided in your welcome email. Our contact information is also available in the member's area in the dropdown menu. 


​How Do I Become a Distribution Agent or Reseller?


We will need to evaluate various key factors including but not limited to Country, Region, Nature of current business, etc. With this in mind, we welcome any interest in this regard and invite you to contact us once receiving further information after signing up as a member of this website. 

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